New approaches to address conservation challenges seek to leverage private and finance sector interventions to achieve positive conservation outcomes. These supply chain sustainability initiatives aim to transform supply chains through finance sector interventions, corporate sustainability commitments, and certification and standards systems.

With funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Walmart Foundation, Meridian Institute established the Supply Chain Sustainability Research Fund to increase collective understanding of outcomes associated with supply chain sustainability initiatives in agriculture, seafood, and forest supply chains. To guide the process, Meridian convened multidisciplinary expert work groups to establish a joint research agenda and develop theories of change that articulate how market interventions are anticipated to result in conservation outcomes. Through this approach, the groups assessed each assumption for existing evidence to support the claims and identify hypotheses in need of testing. (Funders were not involved in the selection of researchers nor the content of the research.) 

All research shared on this website is in the public domain and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY-SA Attribution-ShareAlike). The Supply Chain Sustainability Research Fund and the report authors encourage circulation of the reports as widely as possible. Users are welcome to download, save, and/or distribute the reports electronically or in any other format. We do ask that anyone distributing the reports credits the authors and mentions the Supply Chain Sustainability Research Fund website, where the reports are available.